Intellectual Outputs

O1 – Research report

A report on the attitude and experiences of leadership and teaching staff on QA initiatives in VET institutes will be the project’s first output. For this purpose, a questionnaire based on EQAVET quality cycle and type of best practices will be developed which will be distributed to the target group. Subsequently, the analysis of data will follow which will lead to the development of a transnational report.

O2 – Report from feedback seminar for VET-providers on the research result from O1

A report from feedback seminar for VET-providers on the research resulted from O1 will be the project’s second output.
Particularly, the aim of this Output is to design and deliver seminars for VET institutes providing information and findings from the IO1 report and practices and policies of Quality initiatives at VET institutes in relation to the EQAVET quality cycle.

O3 – Updated guidelines based on EQAVET cycle, indicators and descriptors

The aim of the third Output is to develop guidelines for VET leaders by engaging them in the quality initiatives of their organization. These guidelines will facilitate a participatory approach for engaging and motivating teaching staff in the quality process of EQAVET quality cycle. The result of these projects will be Guidelines on EQAVET for providers.

O4 – Online interactive version of final guidelines according to EQAVET

This Output will include all the changes from the prior work package “Test of the prior elaborated CQAF-VET provider model”. The partnership will agree upon a common quality assurance model for VET providers at EU level. Based on the final guidelines, the online version will be based on axes, themes, indicators and levels developed by EQAVET and supplemented by best practices and practical advises.

Multiplier Events

During the project’s lifetime several workshops will take place in order to increase the project’s visibility and sustainability and to disseminate its products and results to national stakeholders. Specifically, six national workshop / seminars with VET-providers will be implemented in the partner-countries having one same goal: the dissemination of the result of research report from intellectual output 1. Also, six national workshops for the dissemination of intellectual output 4 will be implemented at the end of the project.
After the national workshops, a final European conference will be implemented in Sweden. The aim of the final European conference is to disseminate the elaborated interactive version of the guidelines to the VET providers and national authorities and also EU-agencies.

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